Frequently Asked Questions

We are a food search platform connecting foodies with the food they love. Customers can search and explore food or eateries using the platform and place orders as well. Zing has a feature rich platform for restaurants to take online orders as well as phone call orders.

Zing does not charge any cost to the eatery except for the 75 cents per order. The 75 cents per order remains the same whether it is a $25 order or a $100 order. For catering orders there is an additional 5% fee.

The only other cost to the Restaurant is the credit card fee at a flat rate of 2.95% and 37 cents, which is among the lowest card not present rate.

Zing’s automated phone answering system allows the eatery to communicate repetitive requests like what is your store hour, without having to answer the phone. It also allows the customer to place an order by pressing a number whereby a text link will be sent to complete the order. If the customer still needs to talk to a restaurant or eatery staff then they press an option and the call gets connected to the eatery’s phone.

We have promotions at various times that may allow customers to sign up for this service at no charge while they remain as a partner and if the eatery takes orders from Zing. Outside of the promotion, the eatery will have to purchase a plan that includes the phone services. Check out our plans at

Zing will not change your existing phone system. That would incur additional costs and to avoid this we simply connect to your existing phone number when the customer presses on the option to talk to a restaurant representative.

Zing’s marketing team, optimizes your eatery's zing website and builds up links with best known SEO practices to help users know about your dishes. Zing has taken the food first approach and have based all of its marketing and customer appeal based on this perspective. We also re-market to customers who have purchased or called your location by reminding them to order food from your location via email marketing. Ordering again is as easy as a few clicks. Loyalty points and other marketing promotions keep your restaurant in the mind of the customer.

Zing will ensure that the listings are optimized and set up correctly. Zing will go through the best practices to ensure the eatery is well received by online customers and search engines.

A typical restaurant usually receives 3-5 orders a day. However this really depends on the kind of restaurant, surrounding area and various other factors. It takes around 2-4 months to build up the eatery profile to be able to see consistent orders.

Zing does not do delivery. Zing's feature rich platform helps the restaurant set up their own delivery through our system at no additional cost. Eateries are able to set up: their delivery area radius, minimum order amount for delivery and delivery fees. Eateries have full control over the delivery system at no additional cost.

Our team will either receive a photo of your menu from your location or get it from your website or other sources that you would like for us to get it from.

A typical restaurant can save around $1000 to $2000/month compared to other online ordering platforms. They also see $300-$500/month saved for using the Zing phone system rather than it being answered by your staff.

There is no contract. When we give you the tablet you simply sign a listing agreement that says the eatery will fulfill the order for the customers we bring. If the eatery decides that they do not want to fulfill orders then simply let our support team know by email and you will be scheduled to have it removed from your site.

You can have a different minimum order for pick up and delivery.

Yes. All customers that we bring have already paid via their credit card.

If you put your account number and routing information you will get paid weekly. If you don't then Zing account team will send out a check every month.