Zing is a food centric online platform that eateries can use to boost its online traffic and easily manage digital ordering and engagement with customers.

In other words, we make you look good online and get you more customers. You keep making the food everyone loves. We’ll keep bringing them back.

Online Ordering

  • You will have a beautiful picture centric restaurant ordering site that draws in customers to explore the amazing food you serve.
  • You will be featured on Zing’s app and website. We are the foodies “go to” for online ordering.
  • Zing is a unique, patent pending platform that connects foodies to the food they love.
  • We help build you a simple and professional website powered by Zing for all partners.
  • If you have your own website, taking online orders is as easy as adding a link.
  • You can manage your Pick up or Delivery orders through the system

Monthly Fee



Per Order Only

Cancellation Fee


SEO & Marketing

We ensure that your Zing Powered site & Zing site are SEO optimized and will provide you with the best chance of getting online traffic for ordering food.

What is SEO ?

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the process of increasing the quality and quantity of traffic to a website. For example, if you Google search “mexican food near me”, you will see millions of results. To be in the top 5 search results, which the user is most likely to see, requires optimization work. This not only improves online traffic, it helps with foot traffic too.

Increasing your online visibility:
  • We make sure that you are found in all the major listings - Google listing, Bing listing, Facebook and many other listings.
  • We ensure that you are optimized to produced the best traffic.
  • We create content related to your cuisine and restaurant to increase traffic to your website.
  • We make sure you can be easily found in Google maps.
  • Depending on the plan, we also see that there are frequent social media posts and activities that will boost your online visibility.
  • In many ways our goal is to ensure that people can easily order your food from wherever they see your information online.

Phone Answering System

Never miss an Order

As a restaurant you can miss orders if many customers call at the same time or if a customer calls outside of restaurant hours. A busy employee answering phone calls leads to poor customer service. We all know that bad reviews usually have nothing to do with the food but the experience they've had.

  • With Zing, many calls at the same time can be converted to many orders at the same time.
  • Take calls outside of restaurant hours and convert them to scheduled orders.
  • It costs you less to have Zing answer the phone rather than an employee.
  • Employees can focus on better on-site customer service
How it works:

When customers call they get a short welcome from our automated system customized for your eatery. They are then directed to press 1 to order online, press 2 to hear hours of operation, or press 3 to speak to a restaurant representative. We are able to personalize this system further to your liking and add more options as well.

Call from customer

will go through Zing’s automated system


Order online


Hear hours of operation


Speak to a restaurant staff representative

  • You get a new phone number
  • We update this phone number in all the listings so that customers can start calling your new number.
  • You are still able to use your existing phone number.
  • All calls that go through the Zing system will be tracked for warm remarketing.

We free up your phones so that you can save money, make great food and give great customer service.

Phone Demo

Call 817 402 1777 to hear what it sound like


Getting customers is great, keeping them coming repeatedly is even better. Most restaurants spend hundreds to thousands of dollars on marketing. Zing will do this for you at no extra cost.

What exactly does Zing do for Remarketing?
  • Every customer that places an order gets reminder emails and texts about their wonderful experience eating your food.
  • Customers can provide their feedback on each dish, creating great content to share on social media which will generate a buzz for your restaurant.
  • Re-Ordering through Zing platform is as easy as clicking a button.
  • For restaurants using Zing’s connected phone systems: customers calling in will be sent a text message with a link to easily order your food.

The result from this marketing creates a continual stream of loyal customers. They will keep coming for the food they love. We do our part in reminding them to come.

Tablet & Dashboard

  • When an order is placed you will get an audio & visual notification on the provided tablet.
  • You can also get Zing App, email, text or fax notifications.
  • As soon as the order is acknowledged, the customer is notified that you have started preparing the order.
  • You will then fulfill the order and either deliver or the customer will pick up
  • Change Prices and Menu through the Dashboard
  • Schedule offers, upload pictures, enter description via Dashboard
  • See visitor insights and analytics
  • See how many visitors and customers are coming back again

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