• Auto notifications via tablet, phone calls, email & text
  • Manage SMART Menu from DASHBOARD
  • Add-ons and Substitution features for a great experience
  • Picture Menu with easy upload from your dashboard
  • Quick Mass Menu Updates for Pricing & Turning off items
  • Easily 86 an item from your tablet or dashboard
  • Day of Week Menu or Time based Menu
  • Catering Menu
  • Set up Special Days operating hours
  • Refund and Cancellation controlled by Restaurant
  • Re-order with one click
  • Loyalty Points for customers for each order
  • 12 min cancellation option for customers if you are closed
  • Add promotional discounts and offers
  • Customizable Addons- ex- Order a Pizza with half toppings
  • Upcharge feature
  • Apply a set of Addons for multiple menu categories
  • Automatically update Popular menu dishes based on recent customer orders
  • Special tags for Spicy, Gluten Free and other options
  • See Customer Reviews of popular dishes
  • Customizable special instructions for each category
  • Automatic Print if needed when an order is placed
  • Multiple copies
  • Different preparation time for In-house Delivery and PickUp Orders
  • Set Default Preparation Time to accept
  • Phone and Email support to change your menu at any time

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